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EARNING Article not rated yet
I want to know On subscribing to your R4S (monthly $ 5.5 )HOW much can I earn /mth ??? Do I have to click on advertisements ??? Await your reaction asap which I await in earnest eagerness to subscr...
Cannot surf Article not rated yet
HELP I cannot surf! BEFORE you surf: You need to add a site into rotation - click on the navigation My sites. Once you have added a site into rotation you will need to set a percentage of the credits ...
Payout to paypal Article rated 5.0/5.0
Hi, I just joined and wondering if I could be paid via PayPal once I make commissions. If not is there any other way I could be paid other than payza. I can't do payza. ThanksYes we pay via Paypal so ...
Set up a Startpage Article not rated yet
For startpages go to this page: then the CLICK HERE. As shown in this screenshot: You can add your own page and also ...
Payout? Article not rated yet
Hello! I'm new to this site you pay commissions free members?------------------------------------------------------ Yes I do pay to both free and upgraded. See the commissions page for more informatio...
Account Verification Article not rated yet
Hi Kris, I am not getting the verification email from your site.Do I need to use a Gmail account? Thanks for your support,---------------------------------------------------------------I highly recomm...
Can't surf Article not rated yet
Please check my account why can't surf after 5k. Thank youHello  There are surf limitations to all accounts. It is based on time surfing. Please make sure you LOG OUT after each session as a precauti...
Activating my ads Article not rated yet
Hello Please activate the ads :) I wish you a good dayHello Stephane I usually approve NON rotators first as anything in a rotator takes a while to go through all the sites in the rotator. However, s...
Zubee Issue Article not rated yet
My zubee did not show up. Is there an issue?Lisa They are working for me. Please also check the zubee page if you miss one then you can claim from there.
My password Article not rated yet
Hi Would you be so kind to send me my password, I am setting up sites in opera mini & cannot find my password. Thank you ------------------------------------------- I dont have access to anyones p...
I cant surf Article not rated yet
I tried but maybe there are some limitationYes there are surf limitations. it is advisable to log out after a surfing session to maximize surfing time. Kris Rogers: moneymakersxcha...
Special Promo (11/10/17) Article not rated yet
Hello Kris, The other day, I completed a surfer rewards promo and I couldn't claim. I am not sure what happened but hope you could still credit me for that if possible.      Answer:Also you need to...

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